Those who filled you with fear, what they had left when they went away? They cared you when you were in pain? They made you wiser or made you stronger? They quieted your cold, your hunger, your lack of love? Or just left you there with this wait for something that will never come, this storm­laden cloud that never rains, this shadow that does not let the sun come in? I will not lie to you: from uncertainty there is no escape, there is no security that does not fade, there is no bridge that does not swing with our weight. The path is made of fear and walking is overcoming it, just like the bridge only connects what it was and what it will be after we cross it. Those who walk feel the fear. Some fall and never get up, but only those who try to cross the bridge get to the other side. You can stay still, like the ones that had abandoned you long time ago wanted you to, or you can cross it. If you want it, we go together.



from 3​-​Way Split With Zat & Quiebre, released November 25, 2015
-Inspired by a short text from Igor Natusch.

-Sample from "United Kingdom", Ken Loach's segment on the short movie compilation "September 11".




Campbell Trio Porto Alegre, Brazil

the act of resistance has two faces: it is human and it is also artistic. only the resistance act resists to death, whether in the form of artwork, or in the form of struggle.

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