3​-​Way Split With Zat & Quiebre

by Campbell Trio

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3-Way Split LP with Zat and Quiebre from Chile.

300 Copies // Pink 12" vinyl.
Co-release // Amendment Records, Ediciones Incendiarias and Discos Podridos.
Out on Feb/Mar 2016.

Zat // loszats.bandcamp.com
Quiebre // quiebre.bandcamp.com

Full Split Streaming // amendmentrecords.bandcamp.com


"Finally, brazilians Campbell Trio, directly from Porto Alegre, present us with their second official recording after their impeccable EP 'Sings The Blues' from 2011 and a 4-Way split with Goddard (USA), Debate (BR) and Motel Mattress (USA) called 'Quad', from 2012. Their segment on this split shows us the band at its best moment, consolidating a sound that is explosive but subtle at the same time, evoking anger and commotion on a single verse. The highlight of these songs are the chord progressions: you never know what they are bringing up their sleeve. A perfect mixture of dissonance, rhythmic complexity and emotion." (Amendment Records)



released November 25, 2015


Produced, Engineered, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Campbell Trio. For the end of the outsourcing of ourselves.

All the songs written and performed by Campbell Trio.

Drums recorded at Tungstudio. Guitars, Sax and Vocals recorded at Music Box Studios and at home. Basses, Percussions and Pianos recorded at home.

Artwork by Rafael Poloni.
Photo by Gabriel Santiago.

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.
May 2015.


For a hi-quality playback, go to: soundcloud.com/campbelltrio/sets/3-way-split-with-zat-quiebre




Campbell Trio Porto Alegre, Brazil

the act of resistance has two faces: it is human and it is also artistic. only the resistance act resists to death, whether in the form of artwork, or in the form of struggle.

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Track Name: -
Y ahora, con ustedes, el grupo brasileño Campbell Trio!
Track Name: Weekend at the Park
It happened on a very nice Sunday afternoon. The fear, the shame, the hunger and the pain flooded his eyes. Step by step he crossed the street, we shared the sidewalk, our eyes met, his lips moved, shivering, and the words that came out wounded him much more than me: "give me half of the money." His hand under the hoodie, even though there's nothing there to scare me besides his gaunt body and the absurdity of this scene. So I ask you: what is violence? A desperate assault as a last resort or a life destroyed by your greed?
Track Name: Pariah
It could have been just like life should be but it ended being just another teenage fever. White, male, straight, elitist, sexist, cis, capitalist. A spectacle of raised fists, empty words and carbon copies. So, when you called me a pariah, you could not be more correct. It is a fact: I do not belong, I am out of step with it. But Phill, my friend, you can be sure that it is true to me what you once told me and on my chest I will always carry: a protest song is a song that is so specific that you cannot mistake it for bull shit.


"Sings the Blues is a hardcore ogre with a gentle and experimental soul. I mean, a pariah, an outsider."
--Gustavo Brigatti.

"A protest song is a song that's so specific that you cannot mistake it for bull shit."
--Phill Ochs

"Punk rock was invented so that ugly women would have something to do on Saturday night."
--Brian Baker
Track Name: A Reminder
Please, do not mistake autonomy for individualism.

Individualism says I live in a box. Says I have a worldview that is a reaction to the other. Says I am so reactive that I shut me in my own self. Says I carve my own grades and praise my own mirrors. There, in my comfortable box, I build me beautifully for myself. Says I am gorgeous and who contradicts me is wrong. Everyone around are threats. So I stay in my box. Nobody is good enough for me to get out of myself. I do not need anyone but me.

On the other hand, autonomy says there is no box. Says there is no grid or mirror, because there is no projection. Honestly, it says, neither I exist. I am free not for not needing anyone, but for having overcome my own desires.­ Thus, I am free from the main prison: myself. Free to be whatever I want, however I want, with whomever I want. Join me the ones who celebrate not me, not her/himself, not us, but the eternal path of liberation. Everyone around me are lovers. Not of me, but lovers of the love we are when in union.

I do not need anything, because I can embrace it all.
Track Name: All Our Nine Elevens
Those who filled you with fear, what they had left when they went away? They cared you when you were in pain? They made you wiser or made you stronger? They quieted your cold, your hunger, your lack of love? Or just left you there with this wait for something that will never come, this storm­laden cloud that never rains, this shadow that does not let the sun come in? I will not lie to you: from uncertainty there is no escape, there is no security that does not fade, there is no bridge that does not swing with our weight. The path is made of fear and walking is overcoming it, just like the bridge only connects what it was and what it will be after we cross it. Those who walk feel the fear. Some fall and never get up, but only those who try to cross the bridge get to the other side. You can stay still, like the ones that had abandoned you long time ago wanted you to, or you can cross it. If you want it, we go together.