The Campbell Trio Sings the Blues

by Campbell Trio

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"This is raging, contorted, striped down to the bones, pure hardcore, back to the basics but looking forward music. It’s furious and experimental, cutting and abstract simultaneously." --Brushvox

"This record just brims with passion and energy. Rockin and rollin and probably falling on the floor and breaking instruments." --Mind Intrusion

"Campbell Trio have constructed a bedroom post-hardcore/punk album that could rival any seasoned or big label band shredding today. Their first recording, The Campbell Trio Sings the Blues, is a furious collection of distorted madness, raging vocals, and experimental arrangements that remind me of legendary west Texas outfit, At the Drive In." --BandSoup

"Without reinventing the wheel, Campbell Trio merges hardcore, punk and metal on the best EP released here in years. Sings the Blues is a hardcore ogre with a gentle and experimental soul. I mean, a pariah, an outsider." --RemixZH


These are the very first recordings of the punk group The Bruce Campbell Punk Rock Trio, commonly know just as Campbell Trio, compiled in an extended play.

These tracks were slowly recorded some time between late 2008 and early 2010 at Diego's bedroom on his and Rafa's house in Porto Alegre, extreme south of Brazil, except for the drums, which were recorded at Music Box Studios, and the gang vocals of "Y's," which were recorded on the bathroom.

All the songs were produced, engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered by Campbell Trio at Diego's bedroom.
All the songs were written and performed by Campbell Trio.
The artwork and package were created, developed and handmade by Campbell Trio.
For the end of the outsourcing of ourselves.

Campbell Trio would like to thank grandma Edith, for the food and patience, Moises "the legend" Izidro, for joining the Trio on the gang vocals for "Don Copal or the Department of Death" and "Salvador Limones' Lost Souls Alliance," Adalberto Porto Alegre for all the advices on how to do silk screen on paper, Overall Records for releasing the physical version of this record in Brazil and Sad Punk in Argentina.

Feel free to share, copy, distribute, transmit, broadcast, remix, or use this music and words to do whatever you want for any noncommercial purpose. If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work under the same conditions.

You can contact Campbell Trio sending an email to campbelltrio at gmail dot com. Feel free to write for any reason.

This release is currently sold out. Feel free to download it and make your own version of it. If you are interested in repressing it, write campbelltrio at gmail dot com.

Thank you for listening.
Stay punk.


released May 6, 2011




Campbell Trio Porto Alegre, Brazil

the act of resistance has two faces: it is human and it is also artistic. only the resistance act resists to death, whether in the form of artwork, or in the form of struggle.

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Track Name: Don't Be Afraid: an Introduction
Translated from Hungarian:

I have to make it clear that not even for a moment is there a doubt that it is not a technical but a philosophical question. So that the tonal system in question through researches, has lead to us inevitably to a test of faith, in which we ask:

on what do we base our belief that this harmony, the core of every masterpiece, referring to its own irrevocability, actually exists or not. From this it follows, that we should speak of, not research into music, but a unique realization of non-music which for centuries has been covered up and a dreadful scandal which we should disclose. Hence the shameful situation that all the intervals in the masterpieces of many centuries are false. Which means that music and its harmony and echo, its unsurpassable enchantment is entirely based on a false foundation. Yes, we have to speak of an indisputable deception, even if those who are less sure, a little moderate, babble on about compromise. But what kind of compromise, when for the majority pure musical tonality is simply illusion, and truly pure musical intervals do not exist.

Here we have to acknowledge the fact that there were ages more fortunate than ours, those of Pythagoras and Aristoxenes, when our forefathers were satisfied with the fact that their purely tuned instruments were played in only some tones, because they were not troubled by doubts, for they knew that heavenly harmonies were the province of the gods. Later, all this was not enough, unhinged arrogance wished to take possession of all the harmonies of the gods. And it was done in its own way, technicians were charged with the solution, a Praetorius, a Salinas, and finally an Andreas Werckmeister who resolved the difficulty by dividing the octave of the harmony of the gods, the twelve half-tones, into twelve equal parts. Of two semi-tones he falsified one, instead of ten black keys, five were used and that sealed the position. We have to turn on this development of tuning instruments, the so-called constant tempered, and its sad history and bring back the naturally tuned instrument. Carefully, we have to correct Werckmeister's mistake. We have to concern ourselves with these seven notes of the scale, but not as of the octave, but seven distinct and independent qualities, like seven fraternal stars in the heavens. What we have to do, then, if we are aware, is that this natural tuning has its limits, and it is a somewhat worrisome limit that definitely excludes the use of certain higher signatures.
Track Name: Don Copal or the Department of Death
It is so cold down here, I miss the heat. On soulless feet they dance to the song. The words don't hold meaning but they all sing along. I feel so strange in this deathbed harbor. I once called it home, but I can't anymore. Who are these ghosts? What they are doing here? Sometimes I still can see dead end signs in your eyes. Sometimes I wonder why don't we all take up the nine and make our way out. The day is coming, don't be afraid, and we all will be back to life.
Track Name: I in Us, a Love Letter
And if I am not fast enough, loud enough, clear enough, what would you do? And if I say that this song is for you, what would you do? Just concentrate in the fact that you'll ever be a minor threat if you're out of step with the world but stay in line with your dogmas. I have a message, specially for you. It was sent by Marx and it says that he's against you. Because you lie. Was this song clear enough for you?
Track Name: Ehnay / And I, End I
You want more, the best out of me. And when you’re done sucking you’ll just search for another victim. But I’m not one of you. What they said you’ll keep on ignoring and it’s so sad, you’re fated to end up burning and you’ll take us all with you. Do you know my name? Do you know I’m untamed?


Because he was called young man, he was also called road, travel of gale. He doesn't remember if he looked back at the first step. Because they were called men, they were also called dreams and the dreams never get old. Among so many tear gasses they stay calm. And there goes another day. It's enough to count the pace, it's enough to count on yourself, because the blaze has no wick. Off of everything are made songs. And the heart on the curve of a river, and there it goes, and there it goes. And the river of pavement and people, spills through the slope, blocks the curb. Corner, more than a million. I want to see, so, the people, the people, the people.
Track Name: Salvador Limones' Lost Souls Alliance
They say that, in this place, pureness at heart doesn't matter anymore, that everything is gone. But I know that still there's life in here. Milton once told me that, because we're called men, we're also called dreams, and the dreams never get old. It may take days, it may take years, but some day flowers will grow again in here, because, bellow the pavement, there are seeds waiting.
Track Name: Y's
This is our party. It's we who chose the songs and you can't get in and don't do the dance. Because this is our night, it's our fight, it's our dance, it's our chance to feel alive. We’ll make love on the dance floor because this is our revolution. Do the dance with me. Smell the sour and freedom in the air. Every chord will hit us like a bullet. C'mon, feet dangling. Don't miss the beat. Don't miss the heartbeat. Would you join us?