(or "The Campbell Trio Interprets the Hardcore")


It could have been just like life should be but it ended being just another teenage fever. White, male, straight, elitist, sexist, cis, capitalist. A spectacle of raised fists, empty words and carbon copies. So, when you called me a pariah, you could not be more correct. It is a fact: I do not belong, I am out of step with it. But Phill, my friend, you can be sure that it is true to me what you once told me and on my chest I will always carry: a protest song is a song that is so specific that you cannot mistake it for bull shit.


"Sings the Blues is a hardcore ogre with a gentle and experimental soul. I mean, a pariah, an outsider."
--Gustavo Brigatti.

"A protest song is a song that's so specific that you cannot mistake it for bull shit."
--Phill Ochs

"Punk rock was invented so that ugly women would have something to do on Saturday night."
--Brian Baker


from 3​-​Way Split With Zat & Quiebre, released November 25, 2015




Campbell Trio Porto Alegre, Brazil

the act of resistance has two faces: it is human and it is also artistic. only the resistance act resists to death, whether in the form of artwork, or in the form of struggle.

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