Please, do not mistake autonomy for individualism.

Individualism says I live in a box. Says I have a worldview that is a reaction to the other. Says I am so reactive that I shut me in my own self. Says I carve my own grades and praise my own mirrors. There, in my comfortable box, I build me beautifully for myself. Says I am gorgeous and who contradicts me is wrong. Everyone around are threats. So I stay in my box. Nobody is good enough for me to get out of myself. I do not need anyone but me.

On the other hand, autonomy says there is no box. Says there is no grid or mirror, because there is no projection. Honestly, it says, neither I exist. I am free not for not needing anyone, but for having overcome my own desires.­ Thus, I am free from the main prison: myself. Free to be whatever I want, however I want, with whomever I want. Join me the ones who celebrate not me, not her/himself, not us, but the eternal path of liberation. Everyone around me are lovers. Not of me, but lovers of the love we are when in union.

I do not need anything, because I can embrace it all.


from 3​-​Way Split With Zat & Quiebre, released November 25, 2015




Campbell Trio Porto Alegre, Brazil

the act of resistance has two faces: it is human and it is also artistic. only the resistance act resists to death, whether in the form of artwork, or in the form of struggle.

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